Hades 2 Release Date: When is it Coming out ?

Developer SuperGiants’ Biggest Hit to date is Hades. They have fine-tuned the game by listening to player’s feedback during its 2 years long early access period. Hades is a roguelike role-playing action game that is playable on Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Mac os.

In terms of the story and gameplay, SuperGiants used a rather familiar theory. The Roguelike approach is similar to past titles of theirs but this time they wanted a simple easy to understand, story. They didn’t want hades to become boring and repetitive that’s why they used a branch narrative style of a story related to Ancient Greek Mythology.

The Story in Brief

You are Zagreus son of Greek Underworld King, Hades. You want to escape from his control with the help of your mother Nyx. She has connected  with the Gods of Olympus to help you escape the Underworld. Also, she gave you a special night mirror to improve your abilities using accumulated darkness. Hades game is about your escape journey from the Underworld, and the numerous difficulties that you will have to face. After fighting, dying, resurrecting, failing multiple times the story finally ends with you reuniting with your father, parted lovers, and with the Olympian Pantheons. After the plot ends you can still play the labyrinth levels or unlock new types of equipments etc or maybe even go on a romantic adventure. The main story might end but there is still a lot of stuff left to do.

Game of The Year 2020

Reputed Gaming Website IGN had recently awarded the game of the year 2020 title to Hades. Also Hades, was nominated in 9 categories for the BAFTA GAMES award too. The categories were Game Design, Artistic Achievements, Music 🎶, Narrative, Original Property, and Best Game.

A Possible Sequel…

Although SuperGiants have said that they need a break before making a sequel, but the chance remains high still. This is a game based on Ancient Greek Mythology which is full of twists and turns. A lot of Greek Mythology Stories have been left unexplored in Hades which hints that Hades 2 might feature them.

Supergiants had never done a sequel to any of their previous games but neither of their previous games was as hit, like Hades. The sequel if it happens won’t be in 2021, you can expect it to arrive in late 2022 or early 2023. A new expansion pack DLC is also on the cards but about their release, no one knows for sure.

Hades is releasing a Nintendo Switch physical edition on 19th March 2021. This edition comes with a bonus soundtrack DLC and a Full-Colour Booklet.

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