Psychonauts 2 – Review

Psychonauts 2 – Review

When the premise of a video game combines acrobatics, powerful psychics, and international espionage, you got a good chance the game will be at the very least interesting. Psychonauts 2 however is not only interesting but fantastically done, strengthening a great premise with fantastic story telling, unique levels and the familiar yet exciting gameplay of the first title in the series. Though its been quite some time since the release of the first Psychonauts, #2 takes place mere days after the events of the first. Razputin Aquato, better known as “Raz”, finally realizes his lifelong dream of joining the Psychonauts, an interanationl psychic espionage organization. Though all is not well within the organization, as it seems their leader Truman Zannotto (these names are amazing) has become a changed man since his most recent rescue from kiddnappers, and not for the better. Your job will be to dive into the minds of enemies and friends, figure out what is wrong with Truman, and eventually defeat the murderous psychic villain Maligula Galochio.

It is the characters themselves interestingly, that define this game more than anything else. Including the adult members of the Psychonauts, their interns and the Aquato family, Psychonauts 2 is filled with remarkable interesting characters, who all have unique motivations, quirks or horrifying detriments. What makes this game truly special however, is that for the most part, it is your characters job, to dive deep into their psyches, and explore what makes them tick. These mind levels are fantastically individual, and tailored to reflect the eccentricities of the characters they take place in. On top of which, the levels are beautifully designed, and are able to incorporate some incredibly fun platforming and visually stunning locals. And similar to the first Psychonauts, each level is filled out nicely with fun NPCs, collectables, and fun side quests.

Also, unlike other certain platformers that shall not be named, Psychonauts 2 does a good job at strategic combat. Meaning its not the same wishy washy fight over and over again, but a unique balance of enemies that rely on different strategies to take down. Sometimes fighting them simultaneously. Relying on an eventual 8 different psychic abilities can become a little tedious at times, especially switching through them on the fly, however each one certainly has its merits, and as mentioned prior, they all have a specific use, especially in combat. Considering Psychonauts 2 gets most of its kicks from excellent platforming, it certainly is a feat of wonder that the combat is this good.

All in all, Psychonauts 2 was a perfect example of how to return to an old and semi forgotten franchise. Keeping what we love, while adapting to the new styles and technology, isn’t always an easy task. The team at Double Fine deserve some serious recognition. Psychonauts 2 is easily one of the most enjoyable experiences Ive had this year, and everyone should check it out!

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