PRESS RELEASE: Battlefield Mobile, Pre-Register for Alpha Test NOW!

PRESS RELEASE: Battlefield Mobile, Pre-Register for Alpha Test NOW!

Attention, recruits!

It’s time to lock and load, gamers of the Philippines, as Battlefield Mobile
is inbound on your location right now! 

Pre-register today on the Google Play Store for a chance to participate in the
upcoming Alpha Test of the game, providing crucial intel for the developers on
how to provide the best experience come launch. 

As developer Industrial Toys’ Head of Studio, Alex Seropian, puts it:

We are so excited to bring Battlefield Mobile to life!  We’ve been fans
of the franchise since Battlefield 1942, and we are thrilled to bring
Battlefield’s All-Out Warfare to a whole new audience and generation of fans.

Once again, Pre-register now on the Google Play Store for a chance to playtest
Battlefield Mobile before anyone else! We’ll see you all on the Battlefield
very soon.

Pre-Registration Link:

More Information About Early Play Test:

Battlefield Mobile Additional Information

Battlefield Mobile is a first-person shooter (on iOS and Android) that is an
expansion of the Battlefield franchise – not a companion or port of
Battlefield 2042. 

The game lets players engage in epic army-scale warfare through iconic
Conquest and other fan-favorite modes in an HD console quality build for
mobile, all with robust text, chat and high-fidelity sound.

For mobile first-person shooter fans who love to orchestrate spectacular
moments, Battlefield Mobile is the squad-based shooter that allows them and
their friends to command the chaos by leveraging the full arsenal of
customizable weapons and vehicles for purposeful destruction, creating new
sight lines and field of cover – a first for mobile shooters.

As a free-to-play mobile game, Battlefield Mobile brings in the tenet
Battlefield franchise pillars, including:

True Battlefield Gameplay: The best gameplay the franchise has to offer with a
revamped class system, 32-player games, new and classic game modes including
All-Out Warfare, massive maps and advanced squad play

Best in Class Vehicles – Featuring advanced articulation, multiple seats and
seat swapping agenda of destruction and customizable controls

Real-Time Destruction – Bringing the physics of Battlefield to mobile, players
will experience the in-game destruction and levolution Battlefield is known

The Battlefield Mobile early tech test is a great way for players, both new to
Battlefield and long term fans, to experience the franchise in a brand new way
and on a new platform.

If you’re in one of the respective testing markets, pre-register now on the
Google Play Store to participate. 

Battlefield Mobile brings new and fan-favorite maps to mobile, including the
following classic maps at launch – Damavand Peak, Noshahr Canals Grand Bazaar
and Operation Metro. 

Players can replay some of the greatest battles in history on remastered maps
from past games

The battle never stops in Battlefield Mobile’s evolving and ever-changing
world with constant updates, seasons, modes, content, challenges and more.

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