Steam silently removes Population Zero from its store but keeps the soundtrack up for purchase

If the pile of user reviews warning players off and our own reporting weren’t enough to let you know that Population Zero is officially dead and that you shouldn’t buy the game from Steam, then perhaps the fact that Steam has fully removed the option to buy the game is enough of a deterrent. And there’s hardly a reason why it shouldn’t be; you can’t buy an incomplete game if there’s no purchase button. Eddie Murphy thinking gif.

While the ability to purchase the early access version of the game is indeed no longer available, the game’s soundtrack can apparently still be picked up, just in case you had $2 burning a hole in your pocket and wanted to relive the memories of this game.

Speaking of reliving the memories, we covered this game’s slide into obsolescence previously, as we looked back on its radio silence through August and September of last year, right up until the game was silently abandoned in April of this year and Russian-language reported the team had been disbanded. This new development, then, is the loud, cracking report of a final nail being hammered into the coffin.


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